Let’s Try Something Different

Picture 3Am I the only one feeling that the must be better ways to share research insights than just sitting down passively, and listening to a long list of key note speakers? Just what I thought.

This blog includes an interview series with probably the most prominent scholars in the field of earth system science and governance. They will all elaborate different aspects of adaptiveness and innovation in an era of global environmental change. But the best part is: we invite all readers – i.e. conference participants –  to add their own questions, comments and responses. We will use these comments as we round up the discussions live at the 20009 Amsterdam conference and the semi-plenary “Adaptiveness and Innovation in Earth System Governance”.

We will kick-start this process on Monday September 7th. The first topic is: “What is “Adaptiveness” – Really?” Listen to interviews with Frank Biermann (IVM, Netherlands), Louis Lebel (USER, Thailand) and Melissa Leach (STEPS, United Kingdom) as they explore this important concept. We want your comments, questions and responses. Read the rules of engagement here.

See you in Amsterdam, and enjoy the blog

Victor Galaz, coordinator (Stockholm Resilience Centre)


One response to “Let’s Try Something Different

  1. Victor,
    This is an excellent idea – great to hear the different perspectives. The comments got me thinking of the importance of characterizing “change” and the outcomes of change in particular places. The processes and attributes of governance that foster adaptiveness may be quite different depending on the type of change (directional change or ‘critical transitions’), the sources of change, and the interactions among different drivers of change. All this highlights the challenges for learning, equity, institutional architecture, etc. No shortage of interesting questions to be asked (and answered)….
    Derek A.

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