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Part VI. Complexity and Governance

Prof. Geert TeismanIs it possible to describe governance as complex systems? What does that imply, and what is the role of individuals in complex governance systems? Listen to an interview with Prof. Dr. Ing. Geert R. Teisman (Erasmus Universiteit, Rotterdam) as he elaborates on these questions, and how they relate to issues of adaptiveness and adaptive governance. You can hear Prof. Teisman live at the Amsterdam conference, December 3rd, 13.45-15.15.

Interview with Prof. Geert R. Teisman [5:50]. By Dave Huitema and Stijn Brouwer.

Dr. ing. Geert R. Teisman (1956) is professor in Public Administration at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. On a regular basis he gives advice to governments and private organisations on the topics like complex decision making, strategic planning, public-private partnerships, process management, intergovernmental co-operation in metropolitan areas and policy evaluation. Among his publications in English are articles in Public Management Review and Public Administration Review. His latest edited volume (with Buuren, M.W. van, Gerrits, L.) is Managing complex governance systems. Dynamics, self-organization and coevolution in public investments. London: Routledge (2009).