New Issue of “Global Environmental Politics”

Interesting new issue of Global Environmental Politics out now.

1. Terrorist Threats to the Environment in Iraq and Beyond. By: Al-Damkhi, Ali Mohamed; Al-Fares, Rana Abdullah.

2. Accounting for Difficulties faced in Materializing a Transnational ENGO Conservation Network: A Case-Study from the Mediterranean. By: Botetzagias, Iosif; Robinson, Prue; Venizelos, Lily.

3. Framing Anthropogenic Environmental Change in Public Health Terms. By: Stevenson, Michael A.

4. UNEP in Global Environmental Governance: Design, Leadership, Location. By: Ivanova, Maria.

5. Preparing for a Warmer World: Towards a Global Governance System to Protect Climate Refugees. By: Biermann, Frank; Boas, Ingrid. Global

6. Militarization and the Environment: A Panel Study of Carbon Dioxide Emissions and the Ecological Footprints of Nations, 1970-2000. By: Jorgenson, Andrew K.; Clark, Brett; Kentor, Jeffrey.

7. Shifting Tides in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean Tuna Fishery: The Political Economy of Regulation and Industry Responses. By: Havice, Elizabeth; Campling, Liam.

8. The Shadows of Consumption: Consequences for the Global Environment. By: VanDeveer, Stacy D.

9. Why We Disagree About Climate Change: Understanding Controversy, Inaction and Opportunity. By: DiMento, Joseph F. C.

10. Comparative Environmental Regulation in the United States and Russia. By: Henry, Laura A.


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